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Respect Begets Respect Empty Respect Begets Respect

Post  Djzet™ on Thu Jan 10, 2008 2:15 pm

Fun, leadership, glory, loyalty, dignity, teamwork and friendship...

"Respect Begets Respect" Legends Clan had showed distinction during the pROSE years and have had loyal comrades that migrated here in Perfect World. The legacy of legends is still in the hearts of its members and is continuing to mold their personality and gaming expertise. Servers apart, legends idealism is still prominent and inevitably factual in the game.

Re-union and re-organization of Legends for dragon server is our main purpose. Plus involving others into their lives as a true friend while enjoying the game scenery and features to make their daily log-in fulfilling. Not elevating gaming over real life activities but befriending others even if it's an opposing clan or allies, nurturing skills in-game, building tactics, developing leadership, and enhancing gaming attitude are some of the goals we are looking forward for our members to gain.

The clan do not support oneself but the team as a whole. We do not rely on each members strength but the combined strength of all members will show a distinctive attribute that a clan must have. Holding with other idealism as guidelines for unity and strength, members filling each others weakness is what we are all about.

Never there would be "long lived the queen" - monarchical idealism for ranked officials but changing it to
"We are weak, but together we are strong" - all as members realism.

CMship and ranks are needed to give mandates and instructions to all members including their selves but never it will be making them not equals amongst others.

CMship and ranks are appointed as of the moment but never it will be a dictatorship within the clan. The clan will now turn itself to a democratic and diplomatic system and may be changed depending on the leadership of the next clan master.

All ranks are not fixed to oneself but is available to all members of the clan depending on their character appraisal which will be governed and disputed by each members.

Being a civilized member of the clan, one must hold with the never-ever dying "Respect Begets Respect" Legends attitude.
One must not go beneath the level of taunting monsters or in-game players. One must learn how to subdued himself when pressure arises and unethical things' coming into play.

Playing in a "PERFECT WORLD" requires great patience and respect to himself. Let the community of Legends renounce the
goodness of playing in a "PERFECT WORLD".

The three G's "GOD, GOLD AND GLORY" has been the most known during the Spaniards colonization. Legends will conquer territories in due time and may not be able to hold the 3Gs during the territorial wars. We can only hold "GOLD AND GLORY" Since conquered territories never entitles the victor over the opposed and the clans idealism will not be able to spread directly!!! But the opposed will have the chance to reconsider joining Legends army for making a "PERFECT WORLD".

Too good to be true? Most will say! But with the Legends perseverance and unity, we will do our best to be a better citizen of PERFECT WORLD!

We wishes to build each and everyone's character in-game or in real life. We will surely have activities in real life to enhance ourselves in both aspects.


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